Most members will tell you that the best thing about the Club is what no other gym or social group can offer—the pleasure of their conversation. But we’re proud of our facilities, too.

Other gyms boast about juice bars and yoga classes. We have an actual bar, and if you ask the right person sitting there, you can get (free) lessons in boxing, handball, racquetball, and weight training technique—as well as kitchen and bath installation, real estate speculation, politics, and local history.

The Club’s athletic facilities are state of the art. Because membership is capped, you’ll never have to wait for a machine. And you can follow up your workout with a cooling swim, or a session in the steam room or sauna. Active handball and racquetball leagues welcome new members to work in to regular games on almost every night of the week – not to mention annual golf, handball, and racquetball tournaments.

President William McKinley had his last meal here, the morning of September 6, 1901. Then it was the home of Buffalo industrialist Chilion M. Farrar, who would have catered to the president’s taste for the simple and starchy—probably serving eggs, steak, chops, and red flannel hash. Today, club members share a similar predilection for trustworthy staples. At annual golf, handball, and racquetball tournaments, members enjoy draft beers and “Terry’s famous” sausages. On most weeknights, you can find athletes lining the bar, cracking peanuts and assembling capicola sandwiches, keeping an eye on the games playing on the dining room’s three LCD televisions, and giving each other grief over still-sore missed shots and other mistakes from the courts.

The Club boasts a full-service kitchen and a bar and dining room that can seat up to 60 comfortably, available for members’ private events.

The Knights’ lounge is also available 24/7. Members gather there to kill time, catch big games on the 50-inch HD television, or just to talk, throwing on a pot of coffee and gathering at the “round table.”

Racquetball Courts at The Catholic Club of Buffalo